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Return and Payment Terms



Due to the nature of our products, our returns policy lasts 30 days from date of delivery. To be eligible for a return, your item must be found to be defective on delivery. OS2 Performance will investigate your claim and in the event that we reasonably determine that the defects, damages or shortages (as the case may be) were there prior to delivery then we shall, at no charge to you, replace the Goods in question or otherwise remedy the defect or damage or make up for the shortages.


What this warranty does not specifically cover, and OS2 Performance is not responsible for include:


• Normal Wear and Tear

• Cosmetic Damage such as loose threads and natural fading of colours over time

• Prolonged exposure to inclement weather

• Damages caused by misuse, accident or negligence

• Failure to observe and follow care instructions

• Damage caused by rips, cuts, tears, and burns

• If garments have been treated with a steaming device or other high heat treatments including silk screening

• Pilling and abrasion wear due to contact with abrasive surfaces in day to day use or laundering

Non-returnable items

Merchandise that has been custom modified according to customers specifications and confirmed prior to order are not returnable unless the product is deemed defective on delivery.

Due to the supply of size charts prior to final ordering we cannot accept responsibility for incorrectly ordered sizes.

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