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Ngatimoti 2020 Leavers

As a recent customer of OS2, I can unequivocally recommend the company for all of your custom needs.

During the initial stages, OS2 Performance was super helpful and made many amendments to create a smarter & better product.

While we were finalising the design, they sent us helpful printouts highlighting all of the elements and quickly provided contact info so we could finish the design work and move on to sizing.

We were sent a box of plain hoodies for our convenience so that we could get the right sizing for everyone. This was perfect & really useful as it meant that we could get onto printing a lot faster.

All the recipients were extremely pleased with the finished product.

It was beautifully designed (by us) and OS2's efficient & friendly processes allowed lots of students to be involved.

It was a great choice to use OS2. Their efficiency, customer friendliness and design tools made the process easy and on the whole, this was a very pleasant experience.

Thanks to the OS2 Team from 2020 Ngatimoti Leavers.


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